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HAVA Funding Strategy: Part 2—Election Threat Quiz

HAVA Funding Strategy: Part 2—Election Threat Quiz

The 2018 HAVA Election Security Fund designates specific areas where funds can be used to enhance election technology and make election security improvements. Which spending category will have the most impact? Take this quiz to assess which enhancement is your highest priority.

1. What is your single greatest election day fear?
A) The replacement parts you ordered on eBay for aged voting machines do not arrive in time and machines will not power up on election day.
B) Negligent poll worker only verifies voter eligibility for 5% of voters in your largest jurisdiction.
C) A last minute report reveals an alarmingly abnormal amount of voter data has been changed and deleted.
D) An employee is tricked into allowing access to a warehouse storing voter equipment, where a hacker then inserts malware to change votes.

2. Which of these would cause the greatest threat to the public's trust in your election?
A) Miscalibrated DRE machine flips votes, voter notices and claims fraud.
B) Party secures an unexpected landslide victory in a district that historically has voted the other way.
C) Technology platforms supporting your election administration cannot meet even minimum current encryption standards.
D) A county employee falls for a phishing attack and their password is stolen.

3. You get a call from a journalist, what do you most dread hearing them say?
A) News leaked from a jurisdiction using DREs that a dozen electronic storage devices were lost en route to tabulation center.
B) She received an anonymous tip from a credible source that your voting system was hacked and votes were changed in the system.
C) The reporter heard that the reason registration was suspended in a critical jurisdiction on the last day to register was due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
D) He was forwarded an election official’s sensitive communication that was intercepted via a coffee shop’s public wifi system.

4. What costly scenario would you most want to avoid?
A) An overwhelming volume of complaints and requests for service by poll workers on election day creates a last-minute scramble, resulting in unanticipated overtime and vendor costs.
B) Extremely narrow margins in a closely-watched contest means your jurisdiction must source $2.3 million for a recount.
C) Incurring enormous rush fees for an IT consultant to correct data that has been corrupted while being transferred manually between the pollbook and your VRS/EMS.
D) County is sued when confidential voter information is left undeleted on laptops donated to charitable organization.

5. When you are awake at 3am, which of these will keep you from going back to sleep?
A) Malware will be introduced to the computer the office uses to make ballots and then inadvertently transferred via usb to the voting machines.
B) A colleague is fired for inaccuracy in tabulation results, but no documented evidence of misconduct can be produced.
C) A temporary election worker deletes thousands of voter files and there is no record of this worker's identity or what else they may have altered.
D) A county laptop with no password protection is stolen from an employee’s vehicle.

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