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The HAVA-approved area where you may want to prioritize spending is VVPAT.


VVPAT: Sounds like your voting machines may be antiquated. When you start shopping, you may want to consider a voting system with a voter verified paper audit trail.


Post-election Audit: A great way to find any anomalies—or prove a lack thereof—in your election is by conducting post-election audits. This also can help ensure public confidence in the results.


VRS and Computer Systems: A voting machine is only used a few times a year, but your VRS and other computer equipment is used every day! Consider upgrading your most-used items to modern platforms in order to mitigate cyber vulnerabilities.


Security Process and Training: It’s time to review and implement new cybersecurity training and procedures for all employees. Luckily, there are now plenty of services available at little or no cost to election administrators.